• Mykonos

SINCE 1930
Where Sophistication meets Elegance
Minimalist Aesthetic
A chain of boutique and lifestyle hotels, each one having a unique identity, based on their facilities that make them stand out. Explore Greece like a local and experience the Greek hospitality in an idyllic setting. Surround yourself with the architecture, art and history while you enjoy the Greek lifestyle.

We are a chain of boutique and lifestyle hotels

Each property has individual characteristics portraying a unique concept based on their distinct facilities that make them stand out. Architecture, art, history, culture wellness and lifestyle all blend in with each hotel’s locality. We manage 4 and 5 star city hotels and resorts all around Greece, providing exceptional services and amenities for both business and leisure.


Visit each and every one of our amazing destinations and enjoy your stay in our luxurious resorts. Moreover, from organising international events and conferences, to special occasions events, we are ready to deliver anything. With Domotel, you may enjoy top-grade accommodation, as well as luxury services regarding your stay.

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