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Checkout Mykonos Yachting – Daily Shared Cruise with Discovery Glassbottom Yacht Watch Video

Mykonos Yachting was established in 1994 by Mr. Dimitris Zafeiropoulos and operates in the field of daily shared cruises, of fully crewed private yacht charters and in the field of water sports activities. We offer Discovery Glassbottom Yacht, which was designed and built on basis of the peculiarities of Mykonos island, for daily shared cruises at Mykonos . You will have an one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the beauty of Mykonos, while cruising at close distance through the famous and yet to be discovered beaches of the island. Come on-board and you will be absolutely amazed by the 10 square meters of the glass bottom of the salon; witness the magic and the history that lies beneath the surface of the sea and discover the underwater beauty of Mykonos. Sit at the leather cushions of the spacious upper deck of this luxurious motor yacht and get a 360⁰ view of the beauty of the Cycladic scenery. Discovery Glassbottom comes to lure your senses into an irresistible trip. Destinations such as beautiful beaches and isolated isles promise a truly revealing experience. Do not miss the chance to do snorkeling in the deep blue sea. Our people on board will be there to treat you with the famous Greek hospitality; our captain will safely plan the itinerary, our escort will provide you will all the necessary information about Mykonos, while our crew member will be there to assist in everything you may need

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