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Ninnolo is not just a gelateria. It is a breakfast and brunch hub.

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. Whether it is to create the perfect pizza, the most delicious cake, an original Italian gelato or an interior design concept for a space dear to your heart.

A place where you can enjoy your coffee -or tea- with a piece of freshly baked cake while you wave goodbye to all your worries.

Laying the foundation for “Ninnolo” was not easy. We traveled around the world in search for the finest ingredients each country could offer us.

Our goal? Creating a gelato that does not contain any  artificial additives. And we succeeded.

Trip after trip, from exotic islands to traditional villages, we managed to collaborate with, small or large, property farmers and artisanal producers. These people, not only honoured us with their friendship, but also provided us with the most exceptional ingredients we have ever tasted.

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