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OSKLEN finds itself between the dynamism of the metropolis and the exuberance
of Brazilian nature, giving life to a style based on the harmonization of contrasts.
OSKLEN is the leading Brazilian fashion brand. In terms of style and DNA, the
brand represents the lifestyle of contemporary women and men in a world where
urban and nature, global and local, organic and technological live together.
Furthermore, OSKLEN is considered one of the ten most influential and inspiring
brands in the world by WGSN and identified as “Future Maker” by the WWF-UK.
The brand is recognized for its international quality and innovative design, with
conceptual items made in its style workshop with sophisticated materials, special
finishes, and exclusivity. OSKLEN shoes line is really strong also.
OSKLEN presents its collections at ΝEW YORK Fashion Week and São Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest
fashion event in Latin America, every year being the brand to open the show. Nowadays there are 63 OSKLEN stores in Brazil, in addition to 5 international
flagship stores, Tokyo, New York, Miami, Punta Del Este and Mykonos.
Besides its showrooms in Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Australia,
Japain and USA.

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